Battery Technologies on the Horizon


This is a very interesting article on new developments in battery technologies that are coming in the near future. Batteries have been around for a long time with very little change. The last 10 years have shown huge advances which have enabled not only our electric aircraft, but many many technologies not possible without these developments. Amazing what happens when you turn loose creative minds with an intention, no matter if this is in a Lab, or in someones basement or garage.

More on this later.

TPU 5070 TIG Pulser Unit

For those of you that TIG weld, and have a Miller Model 180 or the older 165, this unique device will give you an inexpensive solution to adding Pulsed Current technology to your existing welder. Pulsing give you a whole new level of welding control especially with metals like Aluminum. It is easy to install by plugging between the welder and the foot pedal.

Tig Welding Aluminum with a Pulser

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